Battle Brews Between Bookstore and Palm Springs Developer

Latino Books y Mas Continues with Lawsuit

POSTED: 03:47 PM PST Dec 03, 2012    UPDATED: 03:47 PM PST Dec 03, 2012 
Fashion Plaza Bookstore Latino Books Y Mas

An update tonight, on the independent bookstore in Palm Springs, fighting an eviction notice by Wessman Development.

The owner of Latino Books y Mas has filed a lawsuit against the developer and says he's not going anywhere, despite it being months past the eviction date.

It all started with a 30-day eviction notice from the Desert Fashion Plaza, on August 16th.

Since then, Luciano Ramirez has been to court twice, to fight the eviction and to file a lawsuit for breach of contract.

He says he plans to stay open as long as possible. Ramirez tells us, "So, what they'd need to do is obtain a writ of execution to get us out. And that's what makes us so nervous. We don't know when that could happen."

Ramirez also tells us that he is in the process of scheduling a meeting with Congressman-elect, Raul Ruiz.