Attendees headed to parade and Rose Bowl are urged to practice safety

Police are enforcing strict guidelines to prevent accidents

POSTED: 08:37 AM PST Dec 31, 2012    UPDATED: 11:12 AM PST Dec 31, 2012 
PASADENA, Calif. -

Fans planning to attend Tuesday's Rose Bowl are urged to arrive at the stadium by 11 a.m. to avoid delays, or carpool, use public transportation or park in the Parsons Corp. parking lot and take a free shuttle bus to the stadium.

The stadium parking lots will open at 4 a.m. The price to park is $40.

The Pasadena Police Department and Rose Bowl stadium officials advise
fans driving to the game to approach the stadium from the north.

Fans are advised to refrain from using GPS or Internet printed directions as they do not take into account traffic conditions or where available parking is located.

Fans planning on parking at the Parsons Corp. lot are advised to get
there before 10 a.m. or after 11:30 a.m. because of heavy traffic expected to leave the lot and adjacent Old Pasadena parking lots between 10 a.m. and 11:30a.m. after the Rose Parade.

Shuttle bus service from Parsons will run continuously from 10 a.m.
until approximately two hours after the end of the game.

Metro will run additional trains and more frequent service on the Metro
Gold Line from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. with trains running as frequently as every
seven to eight minutes to and from Pasadena.

Kickoff for the game between Big Ten Conference champion Wisconsin and
Pacific-12 Conference champion Stanford is set for 2:10 p.m.

Pasadena police also want fans going to Tuesday's Rose Bowl to be respectful to each other and to the residents of homes near the stadium.

"We do want people who plan to attend the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl
game to have a good time", Pasadena Police Department Deputy Chief Darryl
Qualls said". "If you are going to have a gathering at your home or in your RV, be mindful of your neighbors and others who may be camping around you".

The quest for a problem-free time for fans includes a set of tailgating
guidelines instituted by stadium officials following the UCLA-USC football game in 2010, when two people were stabbed in a fight outside the stadium before the game.
      The guidelines:
      -- tailgating must be restricted to the front or rear of vehicles;
      -- tents larger than 10-by-10 feet must not be in front or behind vehicles;
      -- open flames are prohibited in tailgating or parking areas; and
      -- charcoal-fired grills are prohibited in the recreational vehicle
parking area.

Fans are asked not to carry glass containers and to avoid drinking
games, beer bongs and other stunts aimed at getting drunk fast. The use of
plastic or paper cups is recommended. Alcohol will not be allowed in parking
lots after kickoff.

The following items cannot be taken into the Rose Bowl:
      -- noisemakers, including thunder sticks, musical instruments, whistles,
air horns and boom boxes;
      -- weapons or projectiles;
      -- alcoholic beverages;
      -- glass, metal or hard plastic containers of any size;
      -- hard- or soft-sided coolers of any size;
      -- plastic drink containers, although containers that are two liters or
less with factory seals intact are exempt;
      -- backpacks, bags and purses larger than 14 inches by 14 inches;
      -- boxes or wrapped packages of any size;
      -- unsliced fruits or vegetables;
      -- animals, other than service animals required because of a disability;
      -- balls, toys or sports equipment;
      -- banners, signs or flags;
      -- helium balloons;
      -- laser pointers;
      -- poles or sticks; and
      -- unauthorized video cameras, monopods or tripods.

Personal cameras are permitted. Strollers should be checked with an
usher at stadium tunnels.