Your next meal could cost more


PALM DESERT, Calif.- - Your next meal may cost you more. That's thanks in large part to our parched state. 

Vegetables to meat -- they're all going up in price. 

"In the next two to three months, I believe we're going to see a 15 to 20 percent increase in pricing as the produce becomes more scarce prices are going to rise," said Jim Madala, Produce Director/Buyer for Jensen's. "We sure do need a relief from this drought."

Relief that is not in sight. 

"Some of the items that are going to be mostly effected would be lettuce, broccoli, avocados and berries," added Madala.

As well as the price you pay for meat.

"Now the herds are a little thinner and so there's less beef and the prices have risen because they can get pretty much what they want for their beef, but I think the drought originally started the whole ball rolling with the grain feed cost going up," Madala explained.

Ray Rodriguez owns Casuelas Cafe and Cork Tree California Cuisine in Palm Desert. He raised prices for the first time in eight years.

"Typically bigger chains respond quicker -- local guys like me we try to hang in there as long as we can until we're forced to raise our prices," said Rodriguez.

He tells us he hiked prices for some dishes between five and 10 percent. Meaning, a combination plate may go up 75 cents. 

Even fast food chains like In N Out reportedly will charge more, too. 

"Naturally as the food costs go up I believe the restaurants are going to have to raise their prices as well," concluded Madala. "If they're paying more for fresh produce and fresh meat I believe they're going to have to pass that cost on to the consumer." 

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