World Giraffe Day celebration

The Living Desert has special plans

Palm Desert - The Living Desert will celebrate World Giraffe Day Saturday with animal feedings and other activities.

Starting at 9 a.m., the first 100 visitors to the zoo will receive a giraffe poster. Patrons can watch and participate in feeding the giraffes and hear a giraffe keeper speak, among other activities, according to zoo spokeswoman Rebecca Brown.

``Celebrating World Giraffe Day at The Living Desert will help inform the public about the decline of the species in Africa -- that their numbers are well below those of elephants -- the threat humans pose to giraffes in the wild, and to encourage action by donating to zoo-sponsored giraffe conservation projects and programs,'' she said.

World Giraffe Day was started by the Giraffe Conservation Foundation to
raise support for conservation.

For information, call (760) 346-5694 or go to www.livingdesert.org.

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