Windblown dust advisory issued for Coachella Valley

Air quality begins to improve

LA QUINTA, Calif. - As the winds began to taper off on Tuesday, the South Coast Air Quality Management District issued a windblown dust advisory for the Coachella Valley.

Before the advisory came out late in the morning, the air quality index was over 150, which is considered unhealthy for everyone.  Although it was later downgraded, the particulate levels were high enough to make the air unhealthy for sensitive groups.

"When we say patients or individuals are sensitive, we usually refer to individuals that have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, severe allergies or bronchitis," said Dr. Efren Wu, who practices family and sports medicine in La Quinta. 

Wu recommends people who are sensitive to bad air stay indoors or wear a mask or a scarf to protect themselves if they have to go outside.

Late in the day Tuesday, the South Coast Air Quality Management District upgraded the air quality index to moderate.

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