What to do during a fire evacuation

What to do during the fire:

  • Make sure to rearrange things inside your home.
  • Turn off any air conditioning or ventilation system which could bring smoke in.
  • Turn on the lights to help with visibility in case there is smoke.
  • Prop up any ladders against the house to help firefighters get to the roof.

Evacuation orders could be given at the time of the fire. When you're given the clearance to come back, check the outside of your home.

Make sure there's nothing smoldering. Get a hose put out any small fire check vents, attic and windows.

Evacuation Routes
Hwy 74 into Hemet 
Hwy 243 into Banning 
Hwy 74 South towards Anza, Palm Desert

Road Closures
Hwy 74 will be closed in Hemet, no up bound traffic will be allowed 
HWY 243 will be closed in Banning, no southbound traffic will be allowed 
HWY 243 will be closed at Mountain Center 
HWY 74 closed at HWY 371

Evacuation Centers
Hamilton High School, Anza 
Hemet High School, Hemet 
Beaumont High School

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