What happens to restaurants at tennis garden when tournament ends?

What happens to restaurants at tennis garden when tournament ends?

INDIAN WELLS- Calif. - "I can't believe we spend the last set in Nobu instead of in our seats," said Linda Nadler, a resident of La Quinta. 

Restaurants at the BNP Paribas Open are feeling the love.

Nobu, Piero's Pizza Vino and Chophouse made the tennis garden their temporary home for the first time this year. 

"The response has been tremendous. The tournament ownership has been amazing to work with, the fans have been incredible, the business volumes have been off the charts," said Lee Morcus of Chophouse. 

According to Piero Pierattoni of Piero's Pizza Vino, on a busy night at his El Paseo location the restaurant serves around 200 pizzas. At the tennis tournament, he serves close to 500 pizzas a day. 

The restaurants do not take reservations and people wait up to two hours to dine. 

The big question is, what happens when the wait is over and the tournament comes to an end?

There is no plans in place for the restaurants to stay open after the tournament comes to a close, but that could change. 

"There is consideration, but nothing is concrete," said Morcus. "We haven't had a chance to really sit down and talk about it in any kind of details."

Regardless, you can count on the fact that all of the restaurants hop to return to the tournament next year. 

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