What drivers should know about child passenger safety

Every day, California Highway Patrol officer Mike Radford enforces the law, but, during Child Passenger Safety Week, his focus narrows.

"The number one cause of deaths children one to 13, is not wearing their seat belt, well being involved in a  traffic collision and dying because of that," Radford said. 

We went on a ride-along with Radford- on the lookout for people not buckling up.

"If you see someone not wearing their seat belt let me know, and I will  confirm it and we will stop them," he said. 

Radford saw someone breaking the law first -  texting at a red light.  Sheri Obando was wearing her seat belt, and had three kids safely buckled in in the back. 

"I have my four year old in the booster, my infant in the baby seat, and the kid I'm babysitting is two she he is forward facing," Obando said. 

One ticket later, we were back on the road, and talking about child safety. 

"Most Thursdays by appointment you can come to the CHP office, a certified child seat technician will help you install your child's safety seat, make sure it's the right way," Radford said. 

Some child safety tips drivers should know:

-In California, all children under 8 years of age and 4'9" in height are required to ride in an approved child safety seat.

-Parents of newborns are required to have a child safety seat installed correctly in their vehicle before their newborn may leave the hospital.

It's a simple device that can save your life.

"It's easy to do only takes one or two second. You are somebody's best friend, mother, daughter, son, brother. It's worth it for you to take the time for you and your family members to avoid that tragedy," Radford said. 

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