West Hollywood bacterial meningitis case may be isolated

Desert AIDS Project offering free vaccines

Meningitis Update

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - Over the weekend, 33-year old West Hollywood attorney Brett Shadd died following a diagnosis of bacterial meningitis.      

It was originally reported that Shadd became ill after attending the White Party in Palm Springs two weeks ago.  The event draws thousands of gay men to the desert.

Shadd's family said Monday, they have no evidence he attended the party.     

Since no other cases of meningitis have been reported in the last couple of weeks,  the Desert AIDS Project believes Shaad's death is an isolated case.

"If somebody was exposed at the White Party, we're up to the 15th of April now, so they would know, they would have the symptoms by now, so I am not concerned anymore about the White Party specifically," said David Brinkman, CEO of the Desert AIDS Project.

Brinkman added that people with HIV or AIDS are no more prone to contracting meningitis than the general population.      

If you're concerned you may be at risk, the Desert AIDS Project offers free vaccines.

You can contact the Desert AIDS Project at 760-323-2118 or at www.desertaidsproject.org.


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