Walmart store manager celebrates 22 years and new Indio store

Walmart store manager celebrates 22 years and new Indio store

INDIO, Calif. - David Murphy began his journey working for Walmart in 1992.

"I actually started in Redlands when I was 17 years old," said Murphy.

Murphy spent nights unloading store trucks and worked his way up the employment ladder.

Twenty-two years later, he's helped manage seven Walmarts in the southland and will open the new Super Walmart in north Indio Oct. 8 as store manager for the first time.

He can't do it alone. The store is looking to hire 300 full and part-time workers. A hiring center has opened at 43990 Golf Center Parkway at the corner of Avenue 44. You can apply for work there on weekdays from 8 a.m until 5 p.m. or online at careers.walmart.com

Murphy's seen about 600 job seekers come fill out applications at the center.

"I don't really mind which position I get I just really need this job," said Mayra Rosas, of Coachella.

"A lot of good foot traffic. The folks out here are excited to start working and I'd be happy to hire them."

The hiring process is a reminder of what it takes to succeed within the company.

"You need to work hard. Be a team player, be apart of the community," said Murphy.

In September, employees will get to work and stock the shelves to help ready the new Indio on Monroe and Ave 42.

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