Walk for Charity Miles at 2014 Humana Challenge

Download free Charity Miles app to start donating

LA QUINTA, Calif. - While you stroll the golf course at the Humana Challenge this year, you have a chance to donate to a number of charities for every mile you walk. And you can even start adding up the donations, and miles,  before the tournament begins.

Officials with the Humana Challenge have partnered with Charity Miles in their effort to encourage and reward healthy activities.

During the promotion, Humana will donate a quarter for every mile you walk, run or ride your bicycle. The money will go to the Charity Miles app's list of national charities. The money will also generate donations for local Desert Classic charities and Humana Challenge charities up to $50,000, according to officials.

If you want to begin walking and donating, you can get started today by downloading the free Charity Miles app. No pedometer is needed, but you do need a smartphone or mobile device that can access the app.

The app tracks your progress via GPS and adds up your total mileage. With all of the walking that takes place at the tournament, it's easy to imagine how many charity dollars can be generated if enough people participate in the program.

Even if you don't plan on going to the Humana Challenge, you can still help raise money for charity and burn some calories on the side.

The Charity Miles promotion, in unison with Humana, began on January, 8, and will run through January, 19, when the tournament wraps up.

Download the Charity Miles app

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