Volunteers build new eco-friendly school

THOUSAND PALMS, Calif. - "We finally get to build our school," Kathy McAdara, the executive director of Safehouse of the Desert, said. 

Safehouse of the Desert's new addition is  a long time coming, and it comes from a lot of generosity.

"The Frank and Gertrude M. Doyle Foundation who have given us the money to put up the structure. The pad has been here for a few years thanks to the Berger foundation," McAdara said. 

Generosity followed the project all the way to it's construction.

"It's actually astonishing the people like this to do this. It means so much. Our non-profit as well as other non-profits, we couldn't make it without people giving not only money but time and good interests," McAdara. 

Everyone helping piece it together is a volunteer.

"It's such an amazing process with all the Styrofoam and all the energy and people out here is really fun," volunteer Deborah Schwartz said. 

Volunteers from the junior league, the national charity league, meet well, and from the community spend their Saturday helping stack the Styrofoam blocks to create a truly unique new school. The site will use solar power and hardly any lumber.

"The eco-friendly school is amazing. Any non-profit has such a hard time paying for things like electricity so that act that hey have a huge bill on is amazing because they can help the community to support them in other ways," Schwartz said. 

The project is set to finish this October.

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