Valley voters react to District Attorney campaign controversy

Voters react to campaign sign controversey.

INDIO, Calif. - "You don't want the person enforcing the law to be breaking the law so I think more needs to be revealed," said Mitch Earl, a registered voter from Glendale, California.

As voters tried to make sense of Wednesday's controversial video leak, another video surfaced. This time District Attorney Paul Zellerbach confirms he did in fact remove challenger Mike Hestrin's campaign signs outside an Arco station in Indio.

Both candidates say they had the owner's permission to have signs there. Now only Zellerbach's remain. It's left many with mixed feelings ahead of the election.

"Everything's getting so out of hand," said a Palm Springs voter who only wanted to be identified as Tom.
"Be fair. If you're going to win, people are going to vote for you no matter what," said Derryl Perry of Cathedral City.

"That doesn't turn me off if somebody does it," said Scotti Cassidy of Palm Springs.

"You don't want to vote for someone who is resorting to those kinds of tactics," said Eric Tallman.

"I think it's part of politics today, but I hope the best guy wins," said Irene Probert of Cathedral City.

On the positive side, more people are now tuned into the election and determined to choose the better candidate.

"I'm looking more into what each one has been doing. You have to evaluate what's best for the city. Everyone makes mistakes," Probert said.

"I don't believe people will support someone who is reacting in that way for something that is not a mature thing to do," said Betriz Carbajal, a COD student.

We tried to contact the owner of that Arco station, but he was unavailable for comment.

With the evidence before them, voters will now have to decide who to serve them come June. It's a reminder that in our digital age someone, at any time, could be watching.

"I think it goes to a larger issue of how anyone lives their life. Just assume that whatever you do in life should be with integrity," Earl said.

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