Valley students deliver 'sweet' Christmas gifts for local children in need

Valley students deliver gifts to the Narrow Door for local children in need

INDIO, Calif. - Students in the east Valley are making December a month of kindness and hitting the streets to help the less fortunate.

About 140 third-graders from Carrillo Ranch Elementary in Indio wrapped 400 candy packages to give to children in need this Christmas. The 8-year-olds walked from school to the Narrow Door to deliver the packages. They saw firsthand where the organization collects items to feeds the homeless and provide food boxes to local families.

"I hope they like it because we did this all for them," said third-grader Kassidy Munoz.

"Today is all about giving to somebody else and not getting anything in return," said third-grade teacher Kerry Shaver.

The Narrow Door's goal is to provide 6,000 children with food and gifts this Christmas.

"This is our chance to reach out to the community above and beyond, to deliver food, toys and hope knowing that the community is here to life them up and gather behind them in tough times," said David Ramirez, founder of the Narrow Door.

It's a class project Carrillo Elementary hopes will make a difference.

"I want them to realize sometimes in life we need help," said Shaver. "If your family needs that help, they don't have to feel bad."

"I think they'll have a nice Christmas. They'll have so much food, they have all of this," said third-grader Keyanna McGinity.

The Narrow needs your help to feed and provide at least one gift to each of the 6,000 children.

The organization will host a CV Christmas Store at several locations across the desert next week. It's similar to a department store where parents can pick out an unwrapped gift for their child, while their children are participate in Christmas activities.

To donate, contact CVCS@thenarrowdoor.org or visit thenarrowdoor.org

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