Valley fans travel to LA to see Live with Kelly and Michael

Valley fans travel to LA to see Live with Kelly and Michael

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - Oscar Sunday might be over but the party continued very early Monday morning. Talk show hosts Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan hosted a special show at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, but this time the seats were filled with thousands of fans.

"We just had the Oscars on this stage early and now we have thousands of fans screaming and we just want to give them a great show," Strahan said.

And they delivered. Between a performance by Cirque du Soleil, an Oscar fashion roundup, and a sit-down with one of last night's winners, the crowd roared with approval.

"I'm always amazed when you get that thunderous cheering," Ripa said.

Ripa and Strahan revealed they stayed up all night going to Oscar parties:

"We didn't go to bed last night," Ripa said in their opening speech. And their valley fans could relate. They boarded a bus ride in the middle of the night in order to see the show.

"It was a long night we stayed awake but the show was totally worth it," said Jason Weber, who currently lives in Palm Springs.

"This felt like Camp Michael and Kelly, I mean with the ride and the pillows. It was exciting to be in the Dolby Theatre and knowing these huge stars just left hours earlier," said La Quinta resident Jan Maguire.

The highlight of the show came when they saw first-time Oscar winner Lupita Nyong'o, who joked with Strahan about letting him hold her statue.

Backstage we asked Ripa and Strahan to give their best impression of last night's most memorable moment: the Ellen selfie. Luckily ours didn't break Twitter. 

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