Valley couples await Supreme Court's decisions

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - "It's OK to own a business but we can't have a marriage, it's second-class citizenship," said Chad Gardner.

Gardner and his partner Roly Carvajal met online 15 years ago. Together they own Dash and a Handful Catering in Palm Springs. Now they're looking to finalize their commitment to each other.

"We would get married right away. Something small with family and friends and then something bigger later down the line."    

They hope the Supreme Court will whip up decisions on two cases to help. First, Prop 8, the voter approved ban on same-sex marriage in California. The second, the Defense of Marriage Act, or Doma, a federal law that defines marriage between a man and a woman.

"I'll be up very early waiting for the results," said Gardner.

The couple was nervous, yet optimistic for two victories.

"I'm feeling excited. It's the right thing to happen," said Carvajal.

These are big decisions they say will affect them not only personally but professionally.

"I met with the couple and I said, 'Maybe we can have more than a commitment ceremony for you.' That brought me so much joy," he said.

George Zander, field manager for Equality California, will help host a celebration at the Forever Marilyn statue downtown Palm Springs. Win or lose.

"We're thinking optimistic. If not, we will have a peaceful rally and talk about how to move forward. It's not a question of if, it's a question of when everyone will be able to get married."

If "when" is Wednesday, Gardner and Carvajal set a date to say "I do."

"Let's do it Monday!" said Garnder.

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