'Valley Bandit' wanted for robbing 8 banks in past year

LOS ANGELES, Calif. - The FBI needs your help as they search for a man who's robbed multiple banks in the San Fernando Valley.

Agents are calling the suspect the 'Valley Bandit' and they believe he's robbed eight banks since December of 2012. The FBI said the suspect asks to make a withdrawal and then pulls a gun on the bank teller, demanding cash.

He wears a dark-colored baseball cap and dark clothing during the robberies and witnesses generally describe his weapon as a revolver.  In some cases, the 'Valley Bandit' has aimed his weapon at employees or customers and threatened to kill them if the teller doesn't hand over the cash.  

The man has been seen in multiple vehicles following the robberies, including a white Mercedes SUV and a black Mercedes Benz sedan. Investigators think he may be working with a getaway driver.

Witnesses describe the man as Hispanic or Middle-Eastern, with dark, unshaven facial hair. They believe he's between 25 and 35 years old and 5'9"  to 6' tall. He weighs about 180 lbs. to 200 lbs., according to witnesses.

The Valley Bandit has been linked to the following bank robberies:

            12/18/12                     Bank of America      Northridge
            6/14/13                       Chase                        North Hills
            6/28/13                       Bank of America      Winnetka
            7/15/13                       Chase                        Granada Hills
            7/24/13                       Chase                        Northridge
            8/26/13                       Wells Fargo               Reseda
            9/28/13                       Chase                        Sherman Oaks
            11/6/13                       Chase                        Van Nuys
            12/4/13                       Wells Fargo               West Hills

If you have information about any of the robberies or think you recognize the suspect from the surveillance photos, please call  the FBI  in Los Angeles at (310) 477-6565 or dial 911.

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