Update on new vacation rental ordinance in Rancho Mirage

Someone in the house needs to be 30-years old

Rancho Mirage - A short-term vacation home renter in Rancho Mirage will not have to be 30-years old or older to sign a rental agreement.

News Channel 3 obtained a copy of a new ordinance passed Thursday after getting different explanations from the city attorney and Mayor Pro Tem Dana Hobart about how the ordinance worked.

The person signing the agreement doesn't have to be 30 years of age, but someone in the group using the vacation rental does have to be 30.

The ordinance is aimed at reducing noise complaints when younger groups come into town for the Coachella Music and Arts Festival and other events.
Along with the age requirement, the ordinance also prohibits music from being played outdoors and bans renters from spending any time on the roof of a home or condo.

It's set to go into effect at the end of August.

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