Unfinished La Quinta development seeing new life

Home builder Lennar takes over construction of Griffin Ranch

LA QUINTA, Calif. - Griffin Ranch, the unfinished housing project in La Quinta, is seeing new life.

Home builder Lennar has taken over construction of the development that came to a standstill four years ago due to the ailing economy.

Once nine homes started by the previous builder are completed and sold, Lennar plans to add an additional 250 homes to the development. 

Construction is scheduled to start in the spring of next year.

"We were very confident things were going to return and come back," said George Batavick, President of the Griffin Ranch Home Owners Association.  "We knew when it did come back, that Griffin Ranch was going to be at the top of the list where people would like to live."

There are currently 60 homeowners living in Griffin Ranch.

Late entertainer Merv Griffin had envisioned the community providing residents with access to a horse stable complex, but that is no longer an element of the development.

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