Two teens, parent, accused of selling drugs at La Quinta HS

Two teens, parent, accused of selling drugs at La Quinta HS

LA QUINTA, Calif - Two teens were arrested for allegedly possessing and selling marijuana at La Quinta high school. One of the teens' mothers may have also been involved, and was arrested for possessing marijuana and methamphetamine.

Riverside County Sheriff's deputies arrested 18-year-old Steven Yslas, a senior at the school.  Officers also took a 16-year-old girl into custody, her name and photo won't be released because she's a minor.  It comes as a shock for some students at the school.  

"I just think it's ridiculous to be doing something like that," said Michael Flores Jr., a junior at the school. 

Monica Lopez was arrested after investigators allegedly found marijuana and meth at her home.  Police are investigating if she had any role in the alleged sale of the drugs.  Her possible involvement is what's drawing concern from other parents.  

"I can't fathom or imagine you know, as a parent, you know, endorsing that," said MIchael Flores, Sr.  "Contributing to that, that is shocking to me." 

The investigation began with a student who came forward with a tip.

"If no one comes forward with any information, a parent, a staff member, or a kid, this wouldn't be possible," said Deputy Armando Munoz, from the Riverside County Sheriff's Department. 

The school's resource officer, a sheriff's deputy, took the tip and allegedly found the weed on the two students.  The sheriff's department and the district says this shows how important these officers are to school safety.

"They're the eyes and ears of the campus, so they have students and staff there that can give them information," said Deputy Munoz. 

The sheriff's department said they believe these arrests are an isolated incident at the school.  The district says school safety remains its number one priority and the students play a huge role in that.  

"They feel comfortable, keeping their school safe and drug-free," said Sherry Johnstone, an assistant superintendent at the Desert Sands Unified school district.  "Then I have to compliment our students and our staff." 

The sheriff's department said the 16-year-old girl was placed in Child Protective Services. 

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