Two sporting goods megastores debut in Palm Desert this weekend

Two sporting goods megastores debut in Palm Desert this weekend

PALM DESERT, Calif. - Two sporting goods megastores are teeing up for their grand openings this weekend.

"Both are big name companies, so it's good for the valley," said Vince Heliker, a resident of Cathedral City. 

Don't let the exterior construction deceive you, consumers can already shop Dick's Sporting Goods at Westfield Mall in Palm Desert.  Dick's is the largest full-line sporting goods retailer in the U.S. and its arrival created 70 local jobs.

"A big store like that is definitely going to have opportunities," said Marlene Allen, who recently checked out the new store with her husband.

"It's really a superstore, it really is big," said Russell Allen. 

The 47,000 square foot store will hold an official launch this Friday, but it has some competition. Just about a block away, the PGA Tour Superstore also makes its debut.

"It's the Disneyland of golf, if you will.  Although it isn't as quaint as a smaller store and some of the competition that's around here, there's friendly people, they're from the marketplace, they know everybody.  But more importantly it's the wow factor," said Ron Whited, Vice President of Operations at PGA Tour Superstore. 

The Superstore features certified golf pros, personalized golf lessons and eight swing simulators for custom club fittings.

"I enjoyed hitting off the mats, seeing what the ball was doing with the different drivers, which one performed better," said Jim Bantley, a Palm Desert resident who visited the PGA Tour Superstore for the first time Wednesday. 

The golf mecca covers more than an acre and includes a 2,000 square foot putting green.  It creates about 65 jobs during high season.  

Many agree with both stores adding to the already saturated sporting goods market here, it's the consumer that comes out on top. 

"The consumer wins across the board because they're going to get a better experience as other stores not just ours," Whited said. 

"It gives us more variety, it gives us competition and keeps the prices competitive," Heliker said. 

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