Two different Comic Con events scheduled for this year

One scheduled for this weekend, the other in the fall

Two different Comic Con events scheduled for this year

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - Comic book fans here in the Coachella Valley now have two different conventions that they can go to here in the desert.

Comic Con Palm Springs is scheduled for this weekend, and Palm Springs Comic Con is scheduled for Nov. 19 and 20.

The events are being produced by different people and are catering to different types of pop culture fans.

Workers are setting up the Saturday night costume ball party at the Renaissance Hotel. The party is part the festivities for Comic Con Palm Springs which will be taking over the Palm Springs Convention Center.

"We are going to have the Flux Capacitors playing which is an 80s band endorsed by the Back to the Future, they played at their anniversary party," said BB Ingle, a producer for the event and the party organizer.

This weekend's Comic Con Palm Springs will be the first event of its kind in the Coachella Valley, and it's bringing in some big names.

"For our first Comic Con to be kicking off with Stan Lee including having a ribbon cutting with Stan Lee starting on Friday and he'll be here all three days with multiple panels, he doesn't do that any other Comic Con," said Christopher Spellman, executive producer for Comic Con Palm Springs.

Whether you are a fan of Marvel's Spiderman or prefer DC characters like Batman, people who enjoy comic book culture here in the desert won't have to wait a year for another event like this. The similarly-named Palm Springs Comic Con is scheduled for November 19 and 20 at the Saguaro Hotel.

According to the organizers of the fall event, their Comic Con will be different compared to the one scheduled this weekend.

"A lot of other conventions they try to focus on Hollywood and try to bring in Hollywood, we are not about Hollywood. We do bring in elements, but the movies come from comic books not the other way around," said Alex Callego, executive director of Palm Springs Comic Con.

Comic Con Palm Springs this weekend is expected to be much larger than the event in the fall. But organizers for the November Palm Springs Comic Con say that's actually a good thing.

"San Diego is great, it's huge, but it is hard to connect with people there, and when you go to a smaller convention you can make friends," said Callego.

The other advantage to having two different Comic Con events in the desert is stores that sell costumes or materials to make costumes could cash in. Some people will spend hundreds of dollars to get geeked up for events like these.

Tickets are available online for both events.


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