Twin mourns the loss of her brother killed by alleged drunk driver

Palm Springs motorcyclist killed on the 4th of July

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - Melanie Norton traveled from Stockton, California to Palm Springs to stay in her twin brother's home and to begin grieving his death.  Fifty-three year old Mark Norton was riding his motorcycle Friday morning, July 4th, when he was hit by a truck on Indian Canyon.  Police say the driver of the truck kept going, dragging the motorcycle with him around the block.  

Norton sat in the courtroom while 55 year old David Doyle was arraigned.  He faces 3 felony charges, including vehicular manslaughter, hit and run, and DUI.  While she watches the case closely, Melanie says she's grateful for her brother's community in the desert. 

Even though he only spent eleven months here, enjoying the sun and working at an animal hospital, she says, "The outpouring of supports' been unbelievable." "They have done nothing but give, love, care, they loved him.  And again, he was only here for a little bit." 

Despite the kindness from Mark's friends, Melanie can't help but think about how much she's lost now that her best friend and twin is gone.  She told News Channel 3's Greg Lee, "This is the first year we haven't spent together on our birthday and to lose him after that, you know it's... I'll never have that hug again."

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