Tram is back open

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - After being closed for five days, visitors can once again enjoy this famous attraction in Palm Springs. 

Despite the closure, the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway still made it's trip up and down the mountain.

"The tram didn't close for us. We were using the tram to transport our fire crews and supplies up the mountain and here they were dispersing them to the fire lines," Terry Krasko of the U.S. Forest Service said. 

As containment increases, though, "We felt the tram was safe for folks to come up. That was in conjunction with tram operators as well," Krasko said. 

Even though the tram is back open, visitors have limited access up there. The San Jacinto State Park remains closed.

"This trail goes right into it. You could walk right on this trail and reach the fire perimeter. There are still some hot spots. The public needs to wait and let it cool off," Krasko said. 

For some, the caution tape blocking off the beautiful trails brings huge disappointment. 

"We're very limited as to where we can go, rather sad. Disappointing actually. We are leaving tomorrow and I'm going to miss the whole walk, the trail," Al DeRose said. 

Others gladly take in the sights they can. Like Jean Pierre Benoi, glad the tram opened on his last day in the desert.

"Some people are at the right place at the right time. That happened for us. We are at the right place at the right time," Benoi said. 

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