Torturous details uncovered in Sky Valley murder court documents

SKY VALLEY, Calif. - A Thousand Palms man admitted to punching his former girlfriend Arianna Villareal, 33, several times, stabbing her with a pencil, and then stuffing her body in a sleeping bag that he buried in a shallow grave in Sky Valley, according to court documents.

Arianna's estranged husband Enrique Villarreal says he knew nothing about Arianna's new life after she left him and their four kids nearly five years ago. He was shocked to learn of her death in September.

"Who is this guy? That is the biggest question I have is who is he? What type of a person does it take to do these things?" he said.

Carl Richard Perdock was arrested in connection with her death and now faces charges of murder and assault with a deadly weapon.

Investigators say Perdock's roommate called police saying the man was depressed over his break-up with Villareal and was making threats.  

Police found evidence of a crime at her house but didn't find her.

According to court documents, his roommate told investigators that Perdock arrived at their home with Villareal in the front passenger seat of his jeep, with a "sack" over her head. He then carried her to a bed "asked for his brass knuckles" before stabbing Villareal with a pair of scissors, he said.

However, Perdock told investigators a different story. The report says Perdock said a man fired at him with a shotgun at Villareal's house when he came over that day, missed and took off.

Perdock claimed Villareal had a bullet hole near her neck, took her to where her body was later found by authorities to tend to the wound. He said he tried giving her CPR until he realized she was dead and then stuffed her body in a sleeping bag and buried her, according to the documentation.

It's a painful and uncertain timeline of events for Villarreal's family.

"I keep hearing my kids say its not fair. And they always hoped she'd come back. Even though they were mad, they still loved her. She was a good woman, nobody deserves this," her husband said.

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