Top 10 stories of 2013 from KESQ & CBS Local 2

Top 10 Coachella Valley stories of 2013

THOUSAND PALMS, Calif. - These are the ten most popular news stories from KESQ & CBS Local 2 that made headlines across the Coachella Valley in 2013:

  1. Summer Fires including Mountain Fire and the Silver Fire: Photos of Mountain Fire (July/August)
  2. Record rainfall submerges cars and causes flooding around Coachella Valley. Viewer submitted photos (August)
  3. President Obama visits Coachella Valley and meets with Chinese President Xi (June)
  4. Manhunt for Charles Dorner leading up to the confirmation of his death (February)
  5. Cal Fire firefighter Christopher Douglas killed in accident after being struck by a pickup truck along the eastbound I-10 on-ramp (July)
  6. Nine-year-old Dominic Cumo, one of the youngest people to ever be diagnosed with Lou Gherig's Disease, is reunited with his missing service dog (May)
  7. Celena Nava was killed by a drunk driver in Coachella, her family and friends gathered to put an end to drunk driving to make sure she didn't  just become another statistic (October)
  8. 17-year-old Xavier Prep Student Greg Friscia dies after being put in a medically-induced coma following a skateboarding accident (March)
  9. Jill Grant, a popular math teacher at Palm Desert High School, was found dead in Indio. Her boyfriend was arrested and is being charged with her murder (December)
  10. Desert Hot Springs City Council declares fiscal emergency after city staff presents a bleak financial report which could see the city running out of money in March of 2014 (November)

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