Thousand Palms businesses want their internet back

Businesses are left without internet from Verizon.

THOUSAND PALMS, Calif. - For more than a month, businesses in the Thousand Palms Business Park have had major internet issues, a poor connection if one at all.
Several businesses in the park posted signs on their windows that read 'VERIZON WE WANT OUR INTERNET BACK!' Southwest Plumbing, CV Auto Works and Desert Reprographics are calling on their DSL internet provider, Verizon, to properly diagnose the problem and fix it.

"The last couple of months it's been a lot worse, it's out 80 percent of the time," said Jimmy Finch, of Desert Reprographics.

"Right now it's been about a week solid with no internet whatsoever," said Southwest Plumbing owner Jeff May.

The owners said they've been getting the run around from Verizon for the past month and have had several technicians come out to the park, but still no solutions.

May tried contacting reaching a local supervisor Friday, which he said was nearly impossible.

"I spent almost two hours on the phone this morning. I asked where their representatives were from. The first was from Costa Rica, the second from the Philippines, and Texas," he said.

Finally he spoke with a representative from Long Beach.

"He said there's an old infrastructure and just too much volume on the system," said May.

We called the customer service line and sent emails to five different representatives on Verizon's media relations list. Lynn Saggs from Verizon, said she would have a local representative look into the problem and get back to us as soon as they have an answer.

The fact is, it's hurting local businesses and unfortunately, no internet creates angry customers.

"It's so frustrating. In today's world you can't do anything. It's your survival line, looking up customers, running credit cards," said Amanda Walker-Bradshaw, Operations Manager at CV Auto Works.

"I haven't been able to process credit cards all week long, that's money, that's cash flow," said May.

"It affects them when they're in a rush for product. If I don't get it, I can't print it," said Finch.

The issues are enough for the businesses to reroute to another internet provider.

"There's some other options besides Verizon and we're looking into that. We will be changing services I can tell you that," said May.

Employees at Pet Oasis in the Monterey Marketplace in Rancho Mirage said their shopping center has had similar issues this month and downed internet Friday.

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