"The Wounded Walk" stops in Palm Springs

Wounded Walk

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - Two Marines are paying tribute to the men and women who serve our country made a stop in the desert as part of their "Wounded Walk.  Adam Shatarsky and Christopher Senopole are walking from Camp Pendleton near San Diego to Washington D.C. to raise awareness for the Wounded Warrior Project. 

The two men are used to traveling. Serving and protecting our country took the men all over the world.   "Went to places like Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, the Philipines," said Senopole.

"I was over in Japan for probably a year and a half, two years total," said Shatarsky. 

Now, they're on a different journey with a different purpose.  A cross-country walk from Camp Pendleton to Washington D.C.  Each step of the more than 2,700 mile trek honors the men and women who fought and continue to fight.   "We wanted to do something ridiculous, so maybe the nation would embrace it and get the awareness out, and start raising funds to help people," said Senopole. 

People who returned from war severely injured and needing help from the Wounded Warriors Project, an organization near and dear to both men's hearts.  "You see guys come back missing part of themselves, physically along with emotionally," said Senopole. 

Just six days into "The Wounded Walk," the two men have already drawn the attention from people along the route.  "People are following us on our tracker, people we don't even know and stopping us on the side of some drainage road," said Shatarsky.  "And bringing us water and food.  It's pretty awesome,  people are really nice."

On their stop in Palm Springs, Eric Levin paid the men a visit.  But, he brought something more special than food and water.  The former New York firefighter brought his FDNY hat, the one he's worn since he helped rescue victims during the 9/11 victims.  He gave it to Shatarsky, a constant reminder to the men to stand and walk strong for our country.

For more information you can find them on Facebook, search "The Wounded Walk."

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