The heat heats up some businesses

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - For some local businesses, the heat really helps. One of those business sits in downtown Palm Springs, Great Shakes.

"We had people all the way from the coast, the midwest, Canada. I heard over and over again, especially the Canadians say, 'I've ever experienced this heat. Can I sit in here?' They would get a shake and sit, they were hot," Great Shakes owner Patricia Nelson said.  

Another business sits almost 3000 feet above Palm Springs -  40 degrees cooler than the Coachella Valley.

Eighty three degrees up at the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway is a nice break from the 120's down in the desert. About 2300 people visited the tram Saturday - a big hike from last June. People were definitely willing to pay to get out of the heat.

"Big difference. Outside it's cool, a breeze you can feel on the tram with those windows open the cool air blowing in. It was quite refreshing," Jason Reigler said. 

"Outside it's like an oven.When you're crossing the road and the heat reflects up. It's an oven. We come here to cool off. We've been here before and love their shakes," Bill Brindamore said. 

Certainly plenty of cool options in the hot desert.

"This is a delicious option!" Brindamore said. 

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