The heat did THIS to these shoes

PALM DESERT, Calif. - If you ever find yourself walking on the pavement in the summer, hopping around because of the heat, you're not alone. It's a serious matter, just ask anyone who's experienced it. More people than you think have heat related shoe problems. 

"We get about at least one person per day out here," Palm Desert Shoe Repair owner Saida Schneider said. 

The heat can melt the soles off of shoes. 

"Most manufacturers must use low quality glue. We have a type of glue that holds them pretty well. A lot of times what we do is not just glue them, but add a half sole made out of the rubber that lasts longer," Schneider said. 

The heat also hurts the heels of many heels. 

"The tips of the heels, since they're plastic they don't do very well on our asphalt here so they break a lot. They crack, we replace them with rubber heels," Schneider said. 

We asked women about their heel horror stories.

"I've had some shoes they get really gummy on the bottom and you feel like you're sticking when you're walking," Renee Dorks said. 

"When I get to sit down, I slip my shoes off. The store, they have air conditioning and it cools my feet and then I wiggle my toes and that keeps it cool. Then I put my shoes back on," Alma Daniel said. 

Of course, these desert residents had some sole solutions..

"Flipflops. They don't seem to get, the thicker ones, don't seem to absorb the heat as much," Dorks said. 

"Hurry. You hurry up and kind of like squinch your toes as you're walking or walk on the side of your shoe or sometimes on your heel," Dorks said. 

You might try the remedy these ladies stand by.

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