The Edge Series about to make its debut

The Edge Series about to make its debut

LOS ANGELES, Calif. - There are just certain songs, you know the ones - you want to sing along to them because you know every single word. 

"You just sit there and sing along and remember what you were doing when these songs came out.  It's that great feeling, the classics," Jim Casey of Troupe Productions said. 

Classics from artists like The Beatles, Aerosmith, Guns N' Roses. With the first series of "The Edge" , Top Rock, you'll get a show for the ages.

"I think some people don't even know they need it yet, don't know they want it. Hard Rock, Palm Springs, rock and roll. There's a resurgence, a different demographic than it was ten years ago," Casey said. 

Catch Top Rock every Friday and Saturday night in November at the Hard Rock Hotel.

Pick your favorite rock band, any one, and plan on hearing - and singing - their music live.

Tickets are still available. You can buy them at TheEdgePalmSprings.com.

If you use the promo code CVLocal you can get yours for $25.

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