Surveillance video catches another front yard thief

Latest victim believes same woman responsible for crimes

PALM DESERT, Calif. - It was a surveillance video we broadcast two weeks ago, showing a woman
stealing packages
from a home in Indio - and leaving behind an empty package as her calling card, that caught the attention of Palm Desert Country Club resident Dave Van Winkle.

Last December patio furniture, two chairs and a table, was stolen from his front yard.

He was at his second home in Seattle at the time, and he believes his surveillance cameras may have caught the same woman at work.

"It looked like the same person, same MO, dropped off a package, whereas this gal dropped off a card," said Van Winkle.

Does it look like the same person?

Van Winkle said the table and chairs were worth about $300.  He says he contacted the sheriff's department at the time of the theft, and was recently told investigators will compare the two videos to determine if the same woman is involved in both cases.

"It's a free thing to them.  They think hey nobody is going to follow up on it.  Nobody going to do anything about it.  All they have to do is wear sunglasses and go up to somebody's doorstep, take the product and leave," said Van Winkle.

Since Van Winkle's surveillance cameras aren't going anywhere, he's not going to leave his front patio barren.  He plans to replace the furniture that was stolen.

"Might have to bolt everything down with a chain, that was a suggestion, you know, but it's gonna look like a park.  I  guess that's what they do at park places, they tie everything down.  We'll probably have to do that," he said.

Surveillance video 1

Woman goes back to steal table from porch

Closeup surveillance video of thief caught on camera

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