Sununu talks party future to Republicans in Indio

Former New Hampshire Governor and Romney campaign spokesman says the Republican Party must be more active in selling ideas, winning elections

INDIO, Calif. - Former New Hampshire Governor and Coachella Valley resident John Sununu said Republicans need to be more proactive in winning voters over to conservative principles at a Saturday gathering at the Empire Polo Grounds, and the future of America depends on it.

Sununu said Republicans, "have to talk, talk talk" and be more active, not just six weeks before the next election, but now.

The former White House Chief of Staff for President George H. W. Bush, and Romney campaign spokesman, was the featured speaker at a fundraising event hosted by the East Valley Republican Women Federated and benefiting a new youth outreach program its chartering.

During his 45 minute speech, Sununu said Republicans did not realize how well Democrats were organized during the last Presidential campaign until it was too late.

Sununu said Republicans mocked Barack Obama's community organizing, but the President community-organized his way to another four years in the White House using taxpayer dollars to fund government programs that ultimately helped his campaign win voters.

Indio City Councilman Glenn Miller emceed the event and said, "We need to work as one getting youth involved.  Being engaged in the process gives them an opportunity to get their voice in and be heard."

Sununu said, "I think what we need is a recognition this country needs to refocus on things that made the country great, and not take them for granted."

Former Palm Springs Police Chief Gary Jeandron said FREE aims to encourage free thinking, with open dialogue and the debate of ideas. Jeandron said that often doesn't happen for students in our schools.

Jeandron said, "They're told, 'this is what you're supposed to believe,' without any opportunity to challenge."

Manuel Ortiz of La Quinta agreed.  "I do notice there's quite a lower minority of Republicans at school than Democrats," Ortiz said. "Probably a three to one ratio if anything," he said.

Organizers said they raised approximately $1,300 for their cause. 

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