SunLine GM resignation came on the heels of an investigation he requested

THOUSAND PALMS, Calif. - SunLine general manager C. Mikel Oglesby resigned Monday on the heels of an investigation into a "personnel issue" Oglesby himself requested.

To recap, Oglesby was placed on administrative leave May 22, a short time after SunLine failed to complete an audit in time, causing over $800,000 in state funding to be withheld until the audit was completed. 

The employee responsible for the audit being delayed was fired, and subsequently filed a complaint that led to an investigation only described as "a personnel issue" -- an investigation requested by Oglesby himself, according to his attorney.

Oglesby then agreed to go on paid administrative leave pending the investigation he initiated. 

On July 1st, Sunline and Oglesby released a joint statement announcing two things:

First, the end of the investigation as it related to Oglesby. "The investigation as to C. Mikel Oglesby has been terminated" are the exact words from the release. There is no mention on what, if anything, the investigation uncovered.

The second announcement was the resignation of Oglesby.

Oglesby received 6 months severance, as stipulated on his employment contract, according to SunLine board member and current Mayor of Coachella Eduardo Garcia. Garcia did not give the dollar amount of the severance.

Oglesby served as general manager for 9 years and, according to the statement, will "pursue other opportunities in the transit industry."

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