Students jump for a cause and a classmate

Bubbling Wells Elementary participates in the American Heart Association's, "Jump Rope For A Heart."

Students jump for a cause and a classmate

DESERT HOT SPRINGS. Calif. - Bubbling Wells Elementary participated in the American Heart Association's, "Jump Rope For A Heart" event. This was the school's second annual Jump-A-Thon. The event raises money for the thousands of children born every year with heart conditions. One of those children is second grader, Kelly Roana. 

"I have problems with my heart sometimes because whenever my heart slows down I start to get sick," said Kelly.

Kelly has Cardiac Stress Syndrome. This is her second time participating in the school Jump-A-Thon.

"She did try it last year and her heart didn't hold up through the whole event," said Kelly's mother, Ashley Roana. "It did stop, but she is here again."

With her family, friends and classmates there to support her, Kelly was determined to finish strong.

"I did it," said Kelly. "I made it through the whole entire thing!"

Kelly's grandmother was very proud of her accomplishment.

"Sometimes it's overwhelming because you're so proud of the kids and the things that they do and some people might look at this as something small, and in some ways it is, but it's very big in other ways, especially to them," said Amy Broich.

Principal Steve Marlatt was enthusiastic about the event and proud to host it.

"They're having a good time, they're exercising, they're raising money for a good cause and so it just shows them that we need to give back as a society and we have fun doing it," said Principal Marlatt.

The school raised $1,200 at last year's event. Administrators hope that number will jump to $1,500 this year. All the proceeds go to the American Heart Association to help kids like Kelly. Click here if you want to donate. 

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