Student hurt in crash on playground loses leg

PALM DESERT, Calif. - UPDATE: A bake sale was held today to raise money for Adrian Grajeda. Students of Club Live, a program designed to connect students to their school and community, organized the event in hopes to help the family with medical bills. The event raised over $10,000. 

ORIGINAL STORY: We are learning more information tonight on a boy hurt in a crash last week at Lincoln Elementary School in Palm Desert.  School officials say 10-year old Adrian Grajeda, who was hurt by debris in the crash, has lost his leg.  Now his friends and students who don't even know him are planning a fundraiser to help with medical bills. 

"I want to help him in anyway possible," said 8th grader Ahmad Abdallah.

Abdallah and Kaylynn Wiess don't know Adrian Grajeda, in fact they don't even go to the same school.      

"He is part of the community and we love our community, we help anybody that needs help," said 8th grader Kaylynn Wiess.

Last week police say Adrian was playing on a soccer field at Lincoln Elementary School, when a car crashed through this fence.  Police say the driver, 83-year-old Malcolm Patterson, hit is accelerator instead of the break.  The debris severely injured the 10 year's old leg.  School officials say it had to be amputated below the knee, a devastating injuring for this youth soccer player. 

"When I first heard it, we were playing a soccer game and we were losing and wanted to turn it around so we all started it for Adrian and we won the game after that," said teammate Nicholas Bardsnes. 

"My whole team has been wanting to help him and we've been wanting to go to the hospital and see him, help him in anyway possible," said Bardsnes.  

That's why, these students at neighboring Palm Desert Charter are hosting a bake sale next Tuesday from 2:30 to 4pm.

"All of the money we raise we are going to give to his family," said Wiess. 

"It's pretty nice to know that there are some other people out there that care about Adrian," said Bardsnes.

School officials tell us Riverside County Sheriff's deputies visited Adrian in the hospital, delivering cards and gifts from students, even a PlayStation.

"From what I understand, Adrian is doing a lot better, his family is doing decent from what I've heard.  Anything that we can do to support them and reassure them that everything is going to be OK, that we are there for him the students are there for him, I think will make things a lot better for them," said  DSUSD Security Agent Jamie Tarascio.

Students we talked to here want Adrian to know one thing.

"I want him to know to never give up and that he can do anything he wants as long as he sets his mind to it," said Abdallah.

"Don't stop trying, I hope you get better and get out there and play soccer," said Bardsnes. 

Police say the driver's license has been suspended, but will not face any charges.

The bake sale is Tuesday from 2:30 to 4 pm at Palm Desert Charter Middle School. If you would like to donate, contact Jamie Tarascio at (760) 862-4320.

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