Storm pours in messy conditions in Twentynine Palms

Storm Watch

TWENTYNINE PALMS, Calif. - Mounds of dirt and mud were shoved aside by a snow plow Thursday evening to help clear and clean up Highway 62 after rain splattered a wet mess outside the doors of the Country Inn in Twentynine Palms.

"It looks bad. The dirt and everything just washed up on the streets. They're trying their best to clear it out but it's still kind of bad," said Jessica Tausaga.

Tausaga, an employee at the Inn for the past seven years, said it didn't just rain it poured.

"It's been crazy, when it does rain it comes down hard," she said.

Just west of the Valley, Riverside and the Inland Empire were hit with heavy rain and wind. The storm was powerful enough to knock down a large tree. Weather officials called it a "dangerous situation" as several areas flooded.

As for some neighbors in the high desert, they took advantage of the heavy showers and thick mountain-like clouds.

"All summer we didn't get any rain, then all of a sudden we start getting rain and stuff. It feels good though," said Edward Lamproe, of Yucca Valley.

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