Storm outflow fuels weak valley haboob

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PALM DESERT, Calif. - Thunderstorms east of the Coachella Valley and near the Salton Sea fueled a weak haboob to move through the valley Monday morning. The outflow from the storms caused gusty winds at times and blowing sand periodically. 

A Dust Advisory was issued by the South Coast Air Quality Management District for the area. Air quality was categorized in the unhealthy for sensitive groups range. Meaning, young children and the elderly were advised to stay indoors.

"We thought it was going to be clear and sunny," said Richard Blade visiting from Los Angeles. "Normally when we come out to Palm Desert and the Coachella Valley it's always lovely and clear."

But, that was not the case Monday.

"It almost looks like someone took a paint brush and painted grey everywhere," added Blade. "My dad would have called it the grey blanket but the sun is trying to peek through."

Palm Desert native John Bart also described the conditions. 

"It looks like the midwest back in Ohio where I was raised," said Bart. "Overcast and humid."

And the mountains -- barely visible for much of the day. 

"Wait there's mountains here," said Blade jokingly. 

The smell of hydrogen sulfide, a pollutant with a strong stench, also filled the air Monday. 

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