"Splash House," new businesses a sign valley tourism alive in summer

"Splash House," new businesses a sign valley tourism alive in summer

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - On a scorching summer day, you may not expect downtown Palm Springs to be packed with tourists.

"I think it's just as nice to come in June or July," said Deborah Pritchard, visiting from Vancouver.

But we met countless tourists downtown, at the hottest time of the day, who agree this is the place to be even when temperatures smolder.

"It's just something different, and we enjoy the warm weather," said David Armas of Monterey.

"There's things to do, the people are nice, my mom has a vacation house here, the kids like to swim," said Leah Durbin of Hemet.

"Because more people are coming there's more things on, there's a buzz as well," Pritchard said.

And while the valley is hours from an ocean, Palm Springs now has its very own "beach club:" a restaurant surrounding a pool.

"It seems a little bit unique, obviously to the area but it's definitely going on all over," said Gerard Noonan, general manager of the Hacienda Cantina and Beach Club on Palm Canyon Drive.

The brand new restaurant-pool hybrid opens to the public next Friday, June 20. But it's one of the venues hosting this weekend's "Splash House," a three-day music and pool party, along with The Saguaro and The Hard Rock Hotel.

"The shuttles run in between each and you can see close to 30 DJs between the 3 properties," said Therese Everett, director of marketing for the Hard Rock Hotels in Palm Springs.

The event is just another example valley tourism in the summer is far from dead. 

"With the pool and the cabanas, I don't think people are going to be as scared away from here in the summer as they used to be," Noonan said.

And more people enjoying the valley June through September means more money for the local economy. Hacienda's opening created 74 jobs, and the club expects it and surrounding businesses to stay busy all summer long.

"We know that they're here and they're going to stay and they're going to want to enjoy and swim, and eat and drink and that's not going to be a problem," Noonan said.

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