Solar-powered golf carts show potential of renewable energy storage devices

Solar-powered golf carts show potential of renewable energy storage devices

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - Here in the Coachella Valley you see a lot of golf carts, but the Solaris Power Cells golf cart is unlike any other. 

"One of the products we're manufacturing right now is a completely solar-powered, renewable energy golf cart," said Lenny Caprino, president of Solaris Power Cells.

The company is the first Coachella Valley iHub client to become a publicly-traded company.

Solaris builds solid-state digital devices that store renewable energy and replace lead acid batteries. 

Now it's harnessing that technology to build "sun carts." 

"They can store energy instantly, and that means they can take advantage of when the sun's shining to store the energy, but when the sun's not shining you can still use your renewable energy later on during the day," Caprino said.

Using a sun cart, you can play 18 holes of golf on a single charge, using 100% solar power.

To buy one of the golf carts you have to get on a wait list, and Caprino said he expects the first 50 carts to roll out June 1st.

But if you already own a standard golf cart you can buy a kit and have the technology installed in about an hour. 

"No utility costs, no maintenance costs and you're 100% green," Caprino said.  You can even get a 30% solar discount.

The company says sun carts are just the beginning. Caprino is already looking into the future, and hopes energy storage devices are soon capable of powering much more than four wheels. 

"Our ultimate goal is to have two divisions, low voltage for solar-powered golf carts, and a high voltage division which would be maintaining factories, buildings and what not, and storing the energy you use during the day for use at night," Caprino said.

But for now, it's a bright start. 

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