Solar energy powers Bob Hope Square at Humana Challenge

Solar energy powers Bob Hope Square at Humana Challenge

LA QUINTA, Calif. - While the clear sunny sky makes for great golfing conditions, it's also powering the 11-acre Bob Hope Square at the Humana Challenge.  

"We have the sun that comes out every day here and provides electricity," said David Herrlinger, Vice President of Hot Purple Energy, which donated the power to the event.

The company wants people to know the benefits of solar: it's renewable, clean and doesn't make any noise.

"It's also quiet energy, so it makes the experience here at Humana a much more pleasant and enjoyable one," said Nate Otto, President of Hot Purple Energy.

"The most important thing is it's quiet. Where you have generators that make a lot of noise, these things are integrated into the scene and no one even knows that the power is being generated," Herrlinger said.

The entire square and all the vendor booths are powered by three sets of solar panels.  One set located by the main stage and two more above a pair of solar charging stations.

"People can charge their phones, their iPads, their Droids, whatever they might need to charge," Otto said.

The company said by being a Humana sponsor and showing how efficiently solar energy can power a large space, they hope more people consider going solar at home.  

"Solar is an option. And it does help us save a lot of money and it also helps us save the dynamic of how we live, to a more sustainable lifestyle," Otto said. 

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