Social networking site just for neighborhoods

LA QUINTA, Calif. - A new social networking site may bring the Coachella Valley closer together.   It's called Nextdoor and it's only for you and your neighbors.  It's quickly becoming the way to say hello.

In the days of Mr. Rodger, people found it easy to get to know their neighbor, but nowadays life gets in the way.

"A lot of people pop into their garage and shut the door and they go out in the back where they're living space is and swimming pools and you don't see them a lot," said La Quinta resident Doug Lang.

"We don't have a club house, a golf course or a community pool, therefore it is a little harder," said La Quinta resident Joy Hall.

Now a new website wants to change that.  It's still a beautiful day in this La Quinta neighborhood, but instead of knocking on doors, people click, swipe and post. 

"We are not here all of the time so it's wonderful to get to know people quickly and easily," said Lang.

"This particular block we were already very friendly, but we didn't know anybody else so I think it's really nice to get to know other people too," said Hall. 

The site works very much like Facebook, where you can post information, pictures, items for sale, party invitations, even join groups.

"So far we had a little meeting with the ladies last week and we had a get together, a cocktail get together in the park on Friday and we are going to do some other things," said Hall.

"It really is fantastic how much you can do. I already have a couple of groups going, one is a motorcycle group and I just noticed a couple of minutes before you came by that three people want to join that group and go for a motorcycle ride, and there is a golf group," said Lang.

Neighbors also use the free site and the accompanying app as a sort of a neighborhood watch. 

"They are keeping an eye on their neighborhood much better because they are finding out that a car got broken into, or a house got broken into or what ever else it maybe people are becoming more aware," said Lang.

People we spoke to say next door really made a difference in the community. 

"We've only been using it a couple of weeks and things are changing already, people are contacting each other, lets do this, lets do that, lets go watch polo, or what ever it may be.  People are coming together and I think that's netting a more vibrant community, its healthy for us.  Who ever invented this website has done a good job," said Lang.

This community isn't the only one logging on, there are next door sites set up in communities all over the Coachella Valley

"I think its really cool," said Lang.

To log on in your neighborhood's page, or start one up, click here.

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