Sister remembers Nicole Brown Simpson on 20th anniversary of her murder

Tanya Brown talks about the mental toll the murder and trial took on her family

Tanya Brown Exclusive

THOUSAND PALMS, Calif. - Tanya Brown, Nicole Brown Simpson's youngest sister speaks exclusively with News Channel 3 Anchor Karen Devine on the 20th anniversary of the brutal double murders of Nicole and her friend Ronald Goldman.  She talks about the accusations against her "Uncle O.J." and how the very public trial made life tough for the Brown family as they were raising Nicole's kids.  Brown also goes into to detail about her breakdown ten years ago that had her checking into a psychiatric ward for help. Brown is now a Life Coach who has just written a book called, "Finding peace amid the chaos: My escape from depression and suicide."  Because of the tragedy in their lives her family took on the role of educating others about domestic violence and mental health.  Now 20 years later, she is asking the public to come together to remember those lost to violence by lighting a candle. .  

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