Shriek! Texts on missing kids startle cell users

Get ready for your cell phone to warn of missing children as new Amber Alert system comes to California

LOS ANGELES, Calif. - A new national Amber Alert system officially rolled out earlier this month to millions of cellphones, and because the alerts are automatically active on most newer phones, the messages have already taken tens of thousands of people by surprise.
While no Amber Alert has been issued in California under the new system, authorities say it's only a matter of time and people need to know it's going to happen.
California Highway Patrol Capt. Greg Ferrero says FEMA needs to tell the public about the system, and has sent in suggestions to improve the program such as providing people with details like the license plate or where the abduction occurred.
Los Angeles Police Department Det. Kevin Coffey trained local law enforcement officers on the alerts last week and found most were surprised by the new reach they already have.

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