Several public officials rescind Zellerbach endorsements

Including Riverside County Sheriff Stan Sniff

CATHEDRAL CITY, Calif. - Riverside County Sheriff Stan Sniff and several valley police chiefs rescind their endorsement for Riverside County D.A. Paul Zellerbach.

Early Wednesday list began to grow as public officials announced they were pulling their support for Paul Zellerbach's re-election campaign for district attorney.

On CBS Local 2's Newsmaker segment at 5:30 p.m. Sheriff Stan Sniff announced that he was rescinding his support for Zellerbach but said he was not backing his opponent either and chooses to stay neutral in the race.

also, Cathedral City Chief of Police Kevin H. Conner, Indio Police Chief Richard P. Twiss, and Palm Springs Chief of Police Al Franz also rescinded their endorsements. They made their announcements Wednesday afternoon after speaking with Zellerbach's campaign office.

They said they made their decisions as a result of the completed Indio Police Department's investigation and the charges requested by the Attorney General.

The California Police Chiefs Association, or Cal Chiefs, has also rescinded its endorsement of Zellerbach.

The chairman of the Riverside County Board of Supervisors has rescinded his endorsement of Zellerbach as well. Jeff Stone issued the following statement on Wednesday afternoon:

In light of the Indio Police Department's investigation of the events occurring on April 23, 2014, and their request of the Attorney General to file felony charges against sitting District Attorney Paul Zellerbach, I have chosen to withdraw my endorsement of Mr. Zellerbach in his current re-election campaign. While Mr. Zellerbach has done excellent work on behalf of the county and its citizens over the past three years, the allegations against him are serious enough to cause concern. I have always been a strong supporter of law enforcement in our county, and I urge the Attorney General to act quickly and without regard to politics in this case. I will remain neutral in this race and hope that the citizens of Riverside County have a swift and just resolution.

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