Sen. Boxer celebrates community development at Desert Aids Project

Sen. Boxer visits Desert Aids Project

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - Senator Barbara Boxer toured the Desert Aids Project in Palm Springs to see firsthand services it provides and Community Development Block Grant money put to use.

"There's no better place to see the impact of the CDBG program than right here at the Desert Aids Project," said Boxer."I'm here to tell you your good work is being noticed."

It's part of National Community Development Week which highlights CDBG contributions. The program helps fill the needs of non-profits across the country.

Since 1989, the Desert Aids Project received more than $1.6 million. Recently, the money was used for energy efficient rooftops, doors and windows.

"It's not just a new door, that new door represents a cut in their electric bill and a rise in what they can spend in patient care," said Palm Springs city council member Ginny Foat.

Palm Springs city leaders said $14 million went to city parks, streets and neighborhoods over the years. However, in the past four years, CDBG grants got cut nearly 50 percent.

"We had almost a million dollars in grant requests and had a little over $300,000 to give out," said Dee Dee Wilson Barton.

The city and Boxer said they'll fight to keep money coming and keep organizations like DAP going.

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