Search for Erin Corwin one month later

Erin Corwin volunteered at the White Rock Horse Rescue in Yucca Valley

White Rock Horse Rescue owner talks one month search for Erin Corwin

YUCCA VALLEY, Calif. - It's been one month since anyone's seen Erin Corwin. The 20-year old who is also pregnant disappeared after family members say she went to Joshua Tree National Park on June 28.

Corwin's family took to Facebook Monday to mark the 30-day search and thank people for their support. Many questions are still unanswered, but investigators continue to physically look for her, following up on leads and interviews.

"Time unfortunately keeps going and a month is somewhat of a shock," said Isabel Megli, who owns the White Rock Horse Rescue in Yucca Valley.

Megli last saw Corwin in June. The horse rescue is a place where Megli said Erin would volunteer and escape from the world.

Erin sponsored a horse named Cassy when she started volunteering in October last year. She'd carpool with several people from the Twentynine Palms Marine Base, including former Marine Christopher Lee and his wife Nicole.

"They came here for a year and a half. That's how Erin found me," said Megli.

Lee was arrested this month when officers served a search warrant at the horse rescue. The charges were unrelated to Erin's disappearance. However, documents show Lee's apartment was searched during the investigation.

Megli said Lee stayed at the rescue for several days before he left with his wife, daughter and two horses to his hometown state of Alaska. He wanted to go back home after he was honorably discharged from the Marines.

"I handled it the best way I could. I was an outsider. I wasn't apart of it, but it was my facility and it brought me into it. It didn't affect the ranch but it did affect it emotionally," said Megli.

Megli hopes Erin's disappearance stays top of mind until investigators bring her home.

"I'm hoping. They're doing everything they can and that makes me feel better. We'll be here waiting for her," said Megli.

A family friend created a Go Fund Me fundraiser online. People have donated more than $2,800. It'll be used as a reward for information locating the missing Marine wife.    

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