Search for Erin Corwin highlights other missing person cases

Bringing awareness to missing people

YUCCA VALLEY, Calif. - Erin Corwin is not the only woman missing in the High Desert. Carla Reyes disappeared over a year ago from her home in Yucca Valley.

Now her family hopes the search for Erin will help shine light on other missing people in the area. 

"I just knew something was wrong," said Crystal Sunday.

Sunday's mother, Carla Reyes, was last seen driving away from her Yucca Valley home on Superbowl Sunday last year.

"I've searched, my car got almost a 100,000 miles on it.  My family, we've all searched for her, we don't know where else to look and keep pushing everyday to get through the day but it's hard not to know where she is at," said Sunday.

It's been 519 days of searching and hoping, but so far nothing. 

"We still have no leads, we have no answers, her car is no where to be found," said Maya Brand, Reyes' daughter-in-law.  

With no cell phone or financial information to trace, the search focused on the High Desert area including Joshua Tree National Park, the area where Erin Corwin was last known to be headed. 

"So many people don't realize how rural this area is," said Sunday.  "That is what is so scary, how does the car disappear?  At least with Erin's family the car has been found that gives them an area to look."

Sunday says it's the not knowing that makes it so difficult.

"It's like there is no next chapter, I have chapters ready to be opened but I don't know how to open it without saying goodbye or saying hello," said Sunday .

Maya Brand now runs the California chapter of LostNmissing.org, a non-profit aimed at keeping the search alive for missing loved ones.

While the focus now is on finding Erin, Brand hopes others won't be forgotten.

"I wish that every missing person hand that 15 minutes every single day because we have over 2,000 missing people in California on a daily bases," said Brand. 

For families left wondering, Sunday's advice is simple, "Don't give up hope try and stay positive....that is the only thing that keeps me going is hoping that my mom is still alive."

For more information on the search for Carla Reyes click here. 

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