RV parks packed for the holiday

INDIAN WELLS, Calif. - You can regularly find Max, Judy, and their dog, Sam, taking in the sights and sounds of their favorite holiday spot, The Indian Wells Carefree RV Resort. 

"This park is a very friendly park in that we met a lot of people," Max Stellmacher said. 

Max and Judy spend the holiday months in Indian Wells. We sat down with them to hear how traditions haven't changed -  whether on the road or home in Canada.  

"I love decorating, it just makes it complete for me, or us, and the park," Judy Spencer-Jones said. 

With their RV decorated to the nines, Max and Judy make themselves at home.

"My family is all passed away so I don't have the family connection. The moms, dad, sisters, brothers. I enjoy here. And Max and I are married, but he has the family but they're all grown up now," Judy said. 

So they've found family among the other couples taking up shop in the RV park. 

"We are all retired now, and we are all on the same page," she said. 

Many agree that, on Christmas night, you go out to eat. 

"You're really condensed in the kitchen, so it makes it easier on the wives to go to the fancy casinos. It's a Christmas present for the wives really," Judy said. 

On Christmas Eve, you can find Max and Judy on this couch with the TV on, watching 'White Christmas.

"We bring down the same traditions at home, we bring it down here. The only difference is the weather is better!"

You can also regularly find Judy by the pool in December. 

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