Roaming dog found in Indio had 108 degree temperature

Reminder to keep your dogs cool, hydrated

INDIO, Calif. - Animal Control officers helped rescue a dog in Indio Tuesday afternoon. The dog was extremely dehydrated and in very bad shape due to the warm weather.

Someone called 911 after they spotted the 5-year-old boxer-bulldog mix roaming the streets around 2 p.m. The Indio Police Department called Riverside County Animal Services.

Animal Control officers found the dog in a field along Avenue 44 near Oasis Street.

"The dog looked very dehydrated, but he was also very shy and wouldn't let us get near him," Officer Stephens said.

They eventually loaded the dog into their truck at Avenue 45 and Market Street. They put water on his coat and gave him water in a dish, but the dog just panted, according to Officer Stephens.

The temperature in Indio reached 100 degrees on Tuesday.

Animal Control took the dog to the Coachella Valley Animal Campus in Thousand Palms where veterinarians placed the dog in a kiddie pool and cooled him down with water and ice packs.

Vets said the male dog was in bad shape and his temperature measured a dangerous 108 degrees when he first arrived at the shelter. They said a normal temperature for a dog is about 100 degrees to 101 degrees.

"He was panting and very lethargic and could barely stand up," Veterinary Technician Priscilla Dewing said.

Vets also used an IV to give the struggling dog critical fluids, according to a release. They said they rechecked the dogs temperature regularly during the procedures to make sure his temperature wasn't cooling down too fast, because that could have adverse effects.

Within 45 minutes, they were able to get the dog's temperature down to 99.5 degrees.

Deputy Director Frank Corvino said staff did what they were trained to do and they're confident the dog will be OK.

The dog didn't have a license tag so veterinarians don't know what his name is or who he belongs to. He also didn't have a microchip.

He's still at the Coachella Valley Animal Hospital, located at 72120 Petland Place in Thousand Palms. If anyone recognizes the dog or knows his owner, please contact the facility at 760-343-3477.

This dog's story serves as an important reminder for all pet owners to make sure your animals are well-hydrated and not left outside for long amounts of time as temperatures in the Coachella Valley continue to heat up.

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